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Copper Foil

Today’s electronics industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Oak-Mitsui is committed to leading the way as the preferred supplier to the electronics industry.


Oak-Mitsui delivers the worlds’ finest, high performance copper foils and lamination products to the PCB industry. We believe we have performed well in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in this industry by listening and understanding the needs of our customers as well as our customers’ market.

Our Lamination products include Outerlayer Foils, Aluminum Bonded Copper, and Aluminum Separators . ABC is a state-of-the-art facility with a class 10,000 clean room production area. Key manufacturing equipment was designed and built by the renowned engineering division of our parent company, Mitsui Mining & Smelting of Japan. Each piece of aluminum bonded copper is individually cleaned and inspected to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible product quality.

Oak-Mitsui is committed to delivering the same high quality and service our customers have come to expect. We’d like to know how we can meet your needs…we’re listening!


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