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Copper Foil

Copper Foil

Copper FoilOak-Mitsui is recognized as the technological leader in the manufacture of high-quality electrodeposited copper foils for the printed circuit board industry. With the strength of international scope, Oak-Mitsui produces both conventional cladding and application specific copper foils required by technology's leading edge companies.

At Oak-Mitsui, copper foils are electroformed on revolving titanium drums, unique for the ability to deposit copper foils with a high-quality surface. Electroformed foils are then subjected to a variety of surface treating operations contingent upon end-use requirements. During treating, copper dendrites are deposited onto the foil surface to enhance bonding to B-staged resins upon lamination. A "barrier-layer" is deposited for promoting reliability in thermal applications, specific proprietary organic layers are applied to promote chemical adhesion, and foils are stain-proofed to prevent oxidation in shipping, storage, lamination and post-bake cycles.

From conventional cladding through precision electroformed systems, there are Oak-Mitsui foils for most applications:

  • High Temperature elongation (HTE) foils for multilayer packages.
  • Very low profile (VLP) foils for thin dielectrics and fine-line applications.
  • Double-treated foils (DBT) for the assurance of factory bond strength on both sides.
  • High ductility(HD) foils for flexible circuitry.
  • Sophisticated treatments for PTFE, Polyimide, and various high Tg resins.
  • Engineered foil/treatment systems for customer specific applications.

Conventional CCL/PCB Foils

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Double Treated Foils

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Lithium Ion Battery Foils

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EMI/RF Shielding Foils

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Flex Application Foils

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Ultra Thin Foils

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MSDS, Certification and Compliance

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