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Advanced Technology

Copper Foil

Oak-Mitsui offers a range of Advanced Technology Products including FaradFlex® and MicroThin®. Utilizing our core technology of copper foil, these products were developed to meet the needs of Printed Circuit Board and Organic Chip Packaging shops as well as OEMs.

FaradFlex® was developed by Oak-Mitsui Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Kinzoku which was created in 2003 to identify and develop novel material solutions for the Electronics Industry. Oak-Mitsui Technologies will utilize the resources and expertise of Mitsui to help accomplish these goals, as well as look for opportunities to partner with other companies and academia to bring new technologies to market.

  • FaradFlex®
    Materials for Embedded Capacitance
  • MicroThin® -
    Ultrathin Foils for Fine Lines/Spaces


Lamination Products

Advanced Technologies

FaradFlex ABC


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